Man kills, hides cousin's body in freezer for 9 years

A crime rocked the city of Alexandria in Egypt in 2005, when a black market currency trader disappeared without a trace. No one knew if he was alive or dead.

Investigations into the mysterious disappearance of the trader led nowhere and the police officials were forced to close his case file without solving it.

However, the cold case saw the light of the day when there was frequent load-shedding in Alexandria.

Due to the power cuts, the freezer had broken down, which led to the spread of the dead body's foul smell in the neighbourhood.

The neighbors informed the police about the foul smell. Police rushed to the scene and opened the fridge only to find the body, which was still intact.

The trader's was killed by his cousin, Hassan, who had dumped the body in a big refrigerator that was meant to freeze vegetables.

The accused had killed his cousin, cut his body with electric saw over some financial disagreements.

The victim's wife said her husband had disappeared in the same clothes that he was found in.

When the TV anchor Riham Saeed interviewed the killer in her programme 'Sabya Al Khair' on Al Nahar TV, the killer said the crime was not planned and it happened in the heat of the moment. He said the victim had gone to meet him and had indulged in a fight and the victim died as a consequence.

The man ran away from the scene of the crime and returned the next day hoping that it was all a nightmare. But he realised his mistake when he saw his cousin's body lying in the same position where he had left it the previous day.

He added it is a nightmare of my life since that day I was scared

The man said he had been living in fear ever since that day that his crime would be discovered.

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