Mumbai bomb scare has UAE expats worried

A suspicious object was discovered in the Andheri suburb, with neighbouring Infinity Mall being evacuated as the bomb squad was called in

Indians with family and friends in Mumbai were burning up the phone lines this morning as news broke of a suspected bomb having been discovered in the city’s Andheri suburb.

JUST IN: However, Mumbai Police and the bomb disposal squad just confirmed after a thorough investigation, that it was not an explosive substance. In fact, it was a device used to create smoke in movies.

EARLIER: Blackberry forwards, SMS alerts and social media chatter provided repeated updates, with Indian news media reporting that the Mumbai Police are currently on the scene, with the bomb squad diffusing the explosive in time.
Neighbouring Infinity Mall was reportedly evacuated as a precautionary move, with Emirates 24|7 speaking with one panicked resident in Mumbai, Nitin Dhar, who said: “Some of us are already heading home since the news broke. While we still aren’t aware of what exactly has happened, I think everyone is eager to return home safely to families until the police releases more information.”
Deepak Kamte, a Dubai-based resident who is currently on holiday in Mumbai, said: “This is unreal. I can’t believe that I only visited Infinity Mall just yesterday. I think we should count our blessings that the bomb was discovered in time and the fact that this emergency did not occur over the weekend, when the mall is buzzing with shoppers.”
Reports coming in also state that a team of Anti Terrorism squad (ATS) is also present at the spot.
Meanwhile, Mumbai police spokesperson Nisar Tamboli released a statement to the media, saying: “The Police team is checking on the suspicious object found near the Andheri mall. There is nothing to worry about.”
Dubai-based residents who have families in Mumbai have been ringing around to obtain as much information as they can, with Dinesh Bharwani saying: “All I got was a Blackberry forward message stating that a bomb has been located opposite the Metro Lounge in Lokhandwala.
“My sister lives there so we were worried. However, after nearly an hour of trying we managed to get through and have requested everyone there to stay home until the matter is resolved.”
Nirmala Bakshi, whose parents live in Mumbai, also was on the phone in panic, saying: “Last I heard, the bomb was a remote controlled explosive that has been diffused. I have been so worried for my parents after that last set of bombings in the city, and now this.
“Don’t these terrorists have a heart?”
Police said the bomb-like object was noticed outside the mall in a garbage dump, which looked like sticks bunched together with adhesive tapes.
The fear is valid in the eyes of many a Mumbaiker, with July 13 bomb blast anniversary only a few days away.

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