Parents leave infant at McDonald's

McDonald's restaurant after workers twice failed to put bacon on her burgers. (Reuters)

An infant's parents have been charged with child endangering after police say they couldn't agree which one would take care of their 3-month-old over the weekend and the father left her at a McDonald's outside Cleveland.

Twenty-two-year-old Rachel Jaajaa and 29-year-old Aaron Tate were arrested Monday.

Police in Elyria say Jaajaa was leaving McDonald's after her shift ended Friday and found Tate in the parking lot with the infant.

Police say Jaajaa refused to take the baby because she had plans. They say Tate then left the child in McDonald's and drove off, prompting employees to call police.

An officer later found the parents arguing in front of a Burger King. Jaajaa's sister is now caring for the baby.

Tate declined to comment on the charges. Jaajaa didn't return phone calls seeking comment.

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