Schoolgirl robs home with mom’s lover's help

Pussellwa police in the central hills, arrested a 13-year-old school girl along with her mother’s lover for allegedly stealing gold jewellery amounting to Rs 350,000.

‘Mirror’ reported on Wednesday that according to the police, the girl who is a grade 9 student of a school in the Gampola educational zone, had been engaged in the theft on a school day.

The stolen goods include a gold necklace, 3 gold bangles, 2 wedding rings, 2 other rings, 2 pendants and cash amounting to Rs1,000.

A house located in the Wanahapuwa area in Gampola was robbed by the girl after she found the door key under the flower-pot.

Confessing to the police, she said that she was engaged in the theft under the instruction of her mother’s lover since her father had left her mother.

The man had hidden a part of the stolen items in a separate house while the rest were located inside a flower-pot inside the house.

The two suspects are scheduled to be produced before Gampola Magistrate.

(Home page image courtesy Shutterstock)

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