Sibling dispute over mom's burial kills driver

Driver was taking sons’ mother to the burial when police shot him dead after police complaint

A dispute between the sons and daughters about the burial place of their mother led to the death of a driver after sons fled with their mother’s body and police shot at them at the checkpoint.

According to a report, the four sons insisted on burying the mother in the family’s 6th October City cemetery but the two daughters insisted on burying her in Damenhour, which was the home town of their mother.

The incident, according to Al Youm Al Sabea’a newspaper, took place in Giza, Egypt.

The report said that the sons rented a car of a friend to carry the body of their mother to the ancestral graveyard. And when sisters came to know about it they followed them in another rented car.

Police stopped the sons at the checkpoint and asked them about the body. They told police that their mother had diabetes coma and they were taking her to the hospital.

Soon after the two daughters arrived at the checkpoint in their car. They told police that the car was carrying their deceased mother and there is a dispute over the burial place; the daughter asked police to stop the vehicle as it is not permitted to carry corpse in cars.

Police chased the vehicle carrying the mother and sons and tried to stop it; then it opened fire at them where the driver Mohammed Ahmed died on the spot.

The report said that the driver was keen for admiration from the sons by carrying the body of their mother to the hometown quickly for burial.

The body was transferred to the hospital where public prosecution conducted an investigation and ordered to arrest the police officer who shot the driver to death.

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