Ski resort's snow to be made of 100% sewage

A ski resort in the American state of Arizona will have the dubious honour of becoming the first resort in the world to use 100 per cent sewage to make snow - artificial ones of course.

According to an expert from the Centre for Biological Diversity, it is allegedly a disaster, reports New York Times.

They are not only worried about the environment surrounding the resort that is coming up, but also the fact that 74 acres of forest has been wiped off in order to expand the resort.

Furthermore, the mountain is considered sacred by 13 American Indian tribes. They view the wastewater snow as a desecration, reports the daily.

The resort management plans to pipe the treated sewage water up the mountain in order to make snow. Experts shudder at the health effects of those holidaymakers who might end up swallowing the snow during a fall or otherwise.

However the United States Forest Service claims and is quoted by the daily as saying: "the treated water meets the highest standards - just below drinking water - and is already used to irrigate golf courses, soccer fields and parks."


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