Teacher forces students to eat animal fodder

The court sentenced him to one year in prison and fined Dh3,000

An Egyptian teacher forced his little school boys to eat animal fodder to punish them for not doing their homework, prompting a court to sentence him for one year in jail.

The students told their parents that the teacher forced them to eat fodder after threatening to beat them up because they did not do their homework.

Newspapers in the most populous Arab country said the families of the students filed a law suit against the teacher in the primary school in the northeastern town of Sohaj.

The court sentenced him to one year in prison and fined him 5,000 pounds (Dh3,000), the papers added.

Little Saudi girl escapes kidnap by two drunk men
Two drunk men tried to snatch an eight-year-old girl while she was with her mother at a market in the Gulf kingdom but were arrested with the help of shoppers.

The woman has just gone into a shop in the market in the capital Riyadh when the two tried to abduct the girl and take her to their nearby car.

“The woman began screaming, prompting shoppers to attack the two men…a police patrol which happened to be in the area rushed to the market and arrested the two,” the Arabic language daily Sabq said, adding one of the two has just been released from jail.

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