Turkish woman denied permission to abort rapist's child

A married woman in Turkey severed her uncle-in-law's head for raping her repeatedly at gun point and threatening to kill her three children.

The woman is 29 weeks pregnant with the rapist's child and has been fighting hard for the last few months to get the foetus aborted. She was denied permission to do so by the court recently.

Nevin Yildirim, 26, claims she killed Nurettin Gider as it was a question of her honour and he had ruined her reputation and life, reports Turkish Weekly

Her lawyers have been appealing to get the court to allow her to get the foetus aborted. Nevin told the media that she is ready to die as long as the foetus is terminated.

According to the law in Turkey, a woman can terminate her pregnancy only up to 14th week of pregnancy. In rape cases, the law allows termination till 20 weeks.

Now that Nevin is 29 weeks pregnant, the court has ruled against her and has denied permission to abort the child that she conceived as a result of rape.

This case has received a lot of attention from the media all over the world ever since Nevin was charged with murder for shooting Nurettin as he climbed a back wall into her house and separated his head from his body and tossed it in front of a group of people in the village square.

The man, her relative, had been blackmailing her into sexual submission ever since her husband left home for a nearby town in search of employment in January. The man is Nevin's husband's uncle by marriage.


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