Du customers not been affected by cable problem

A telecommunications cable linking Europe and Egypt, which suffered an “unexpected breakdown” resulting in diminished internet traffic in the UAE, should be repaired by next Tuesday, du said on Friday.

The damaged submarine Internet cable in the Mediterranean Sea which currently is causing a slowdown in UAE web traffic will be fixed by April 20, telecom provider du said yesterday.

The Dubai-based telecom operator, whose customers have been unaffected by the cable problem, said in a statement that the repair ship responsible for restoring operation was expected to reach the site of the cable cut on Saturday.

"The estimated time to restore the cut is approximately three days, therefore the segment of the cable affected by the cut is expected to be back in service by April 20, subject to weather, sea and cable conditions," du added.

According to a statement by du, its customers have not been affected by the disruption as web traffic has been automatically shifted to alternative international routes.

The cable repair ship is expected to arrive today at the site of the damage between Alexandria and Sicily.

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