Dubai launches International Centre for 3D Printing


Dubai Holding has launched the International Center for 3D Printing to make Dubai an international destination for 3D printing by 2030.

The project, located at Dubai Industrial City, will create a suitable atmosphere and provide the appropriate infrastructure to bring under one roof a network of design and technology suppliers as well as factories.

It will include research centres and laboratories for testing materials used in 3D printed products within an integrated environment dedicated to serve construction, medicine, and consumer products sectors. It will also involve the academic sector, which will add innovation and educational value to this initiative through research and development.

The new project aims to build a network of distinguished companies in the 3D printing sector by attracting entrepreneurs and innovators as well as targeting international enterprises locally and globally by offering special laboratories for 3D printing. It will also offer services, professional training, facilities, storage solution, and other logistical support to strengthen this sector.

“We will work on providing a suitable environment for specialised companies and attracting innovative minds by offering the required infrastructure that match the aspirations of the wise leadership. We believe that the new strategy will be a vital element in creating support for Dubai's key role in the area of 3D printing,” said Dr. Amina Al Rustamani, Group CEO of Tecom Investments.

The centre focuses on providing all the components in an integrated system to take this technology from the ideas and innovation stage to the design phase,  and  provide the materials to a promising market within the, construction, medical and consumer product sectors,” said Saif Al Aleeli, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation.

Al Aleeli pointed out that the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy is particularly relevant to the construction sector considering that the strategy aims to 3D print 25 per cent of buildings in Dubai by 2030. This will create a huge demand in the market and offer large investment opportunities for companies and investors locally, regionally and globally, he added.

“The next phase of the International Centre for 3D Printing is to translate the vision of our wise leadership in the 3D printing domain by providing the latest technology and the best solutions in the industry to meet the requirements of local and international companies in this sector. The centre will offer the advantages of strategic location, advanced infrastructure, developed offices, warehouses, exhibition facilities, not to mention the integrated support system that will enable companies to establish their business. The centre will host more than 700 local and international companies to make Dubai a major hub of 3D printing technology,” said Abdullah Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Industrial City.

Dubai 3D Printing Strategy, which aims to make Dubai a global capital of 3D printing technologies by 2030, will focus on three major sectors: Construction, Medical Products, Consumer Products.

The Dubai 3D Printing Strategy has five main pillars, namely: Infrastructure, Legislative Structure, Funding, Talent and Market Demand.

The recent report of Strategy &, a global research institution, showed that 3D printing is at the forefront global industry trends in 2016 and will play a major role in reducing the manufacturing cost and time in construction sector. The sector will grow dramatically to become an important segment in the coming period, it added.