Regional hedge funds to score

Foreign investment will increase "in the near future" in regionally based structured products and funds, Gilles Rollet, Chief Executive Officer of Mirabaud (Middle East), said.

"Investors from outside the Gulf region are looking for healthy-return investment vehicles that are based in stable environments. Structured products based in the Gulf, particularly hedge funds, are the perfect example," said Rollet in a speech at the Structured Products Middle East conference held in Dubai.

"Bahrain leads the region with funds worth around $2.6 billion (Dh9.5bn), and Dubai is determined to establish a competent global hedge fund centre," he said.

Rollet went on to describe the regulatory moves in the Gulf region that have been made in order to create healthy financial environments suitable for the creation of hedge funds.

Dubai's creation of its Hedge Fund Code, Bahrain's introduction of its Collective Investment Scheme Regulations and Qatar's launch of its Qatar Financial Centre were seen as the most prominent examples.