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DMC team visits Canada to study maritime norms

Dubai Maritime City plans to co-operate with Transport Maritime Canada. (SUPPLIED)

A team from Dubai Maritime City has visited Vancouver to hold talks with officials from Transport Canada Maritime and learn about boat registration procedures.

The department, run by the Canadian Government, works with industry and the public to regulate, promote and enforce safe and sustainable marine practices. It oversees the safety, security and marine infrastructure of small vessels, large commercial vessels and pleasure craft.

Maritime City plans to co-operate with Canada in this area to benefit from international best practices.

"Our meeting was in line with our strategy of cooperating with maritime industry-related organisations around the world," said Maritime City COO Ali Al Daboos, who led the team.

"We are confident of building a symbiotic partnership with Transport Canada Maritime, one that will leverage their vast experience in handling boat registration and maritime transport, to create a comprehensive framework for smooth maritime operations in Dubai."

The Dubai team provided a comprehensive overview of the Maritime City, highlighting the most recent developments. The delegation was given a detailed briefing on Transport Canada Maritime's rules and regulations and systems and mechanisms regarding the registration of leisure yachts.

Michael Henderson, regional director-general, Pacific Region, Transport Canada, praised the large scale of the undertaking by Maritime City with respect to both its commitment to global marine industry standards and the scale and quality of its infrastructure.

He noted the city's plans to upgrade its vessel-licensing system and offered to provide information on how this was managed in Canada.

Earlier this year the Dubai Maritime City Authority signed an agreement with the UAE Transport Authority to open licensing and registration bureaus for commercial ships, yachts and leisure boats throughout Dubai.

The deal is expected to enhance the NTA's ability to monitor and manage marine vessel registration, licensing and other services. The Maritime City's co-operation with Transport Canada Maritime could help to streamline licensing and registration processes in Dubai.