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Cisco starts web show

Computer networking company Cisco has announced the launch of a video-on-demand web television show designed to reach customers throughout the Middle East.

The show – Cisco on Tuesday – will provide a cost-effective marketing medium and allow the firm to interact with clients in a timely manner while monitoring results and feedback.

The weekly 30-minute programme will feature business-related videos and case studies focused on the needs and issues of various industry sectors including small and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises and the public sector.

Viewers will be able to interact with the company’s experts to obtain information on issues related to information and communications technology. A rerun of the programme will be available on demand.

“The Cisco on Tuesday initiative will allow us to deliver an online event featuring the latest in technology solutions and videos to our customers’ desktops every week,” said Fadi Kachkouche, Marketing Manager for Cisco Gulf and Pakistan.

“Through the viewers’ feedback we will be able to understand the business needs of our stakeholders and support them accordingly.”
Viewers will be able to watch and download streaming videos, save them on their desktops or media players, share them with friends, evaluate them, add comments and ask questions that will be answered by Cisco experts.

The Cisco initiative will allow users to create private accounts that track their activities and indicate whether they have finished viewing specific video content, as well as encouraging pre-registration for upcoming web events.