Dh1bn Meydan bridges open

A general view of the stands at the Meydan Racecourse in Dubai, displaying a state-of-the-art horseracing arena. (SATISH KUMAR)

The Dh1 billion Meydan Roads and Bridges project was opened yesterday by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in coordination with Meydan City.

Leading to Meydan Racecourse at Nad El Sheba, the project comprises bridges extending 2,025 metres. It includes two 710m-long bridges, each consisting of two lanes in each direction for entering and exiting Meydan, and another private bridge for VIP use providing direct access to Meydan Grandstand.

This is one of the key projects undertaken by the RTA and its importance is underlined by the massive nature of the project, which spans an area of 67 million square feet and harbours the world's biggest horseracing course, in addition to a five-start hotel, state-of-the-art stables, Meydan gallery, canals, restaurants, Imax cinema for 585 people, and parking space for 10,000 vehicles.

Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, said the completion of Meydan Roads and Bridges project has been timed with the completion of the internal construction works of the project in a fully coordinated format and schedule, so that it will be ready on time for the 15th running of the Dubai World Cup on March 27.

Work on the project involved diverting the route of Meydan Road, which surrounds Meydan City, and providing corridors to access Meydan City. The new Meydan Road comprises four lanes in each direction starting from the existing interchange with Dubai-Al Ain Road and extending 4.5km up to the Falcon Club. The project also encompassed construction of four bridges, including one VIP?bridge, with an iconic architectural design making it a standout among other bridges in the emirate. A special coating has been applied to the metal part of the bridge along with decorative lighting fixtures.

The project also included partial construction of the water canal within the right of way of Meydan Road beneath the main bridge of the project, which is to be linked up with Dubai Creek and Meydan Grandstand in future to facilitate marine navigation below the main bridge. For this, the utility lines under the canal have been shifted and the elevation of two high-voltage power lines has been raised to ensure sufficient vertical clearance distance from the road. The works also included a new rainwater drainage system, as well as fitting a decorative night lighting system.

"These projects are part of RTA's strategy to keep pace with the current and future needs of urban development, development drive and demographic growth and expansion. The RTA, therefore, needs to have in place advanced roads and transportation network to support the evolution of the emirate as a reputable high-profile cosmopolitan city, an international destination for tourists, visitors and business leaders, and a key regional and global centre for conventions and exhibitions. This warrants maintaining the development process and preserving the appearance of the city to live up to its billing," said Al Tayer.


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