Master plan for Six Flags

The conceptual master plan has been developed for Six Flags Dubailand, the five million square feet multi-billion dirham theme park within the world's largest tourism, leisure and entertainment destination. The first phase of the project is expected to be ready in 2011 and the theme park will receive three million visitors per year.

With an estimated 30 family rides, including the brand's signature as well as newly developed rides, the master plan for Six Flags Dubailand incorporates design elements as well as other components such as retail and food outlets. Tatweer will break ground for the project in 2009.

The Six Flags Corporate Alliance Division will represent Dubailand for international corporate sponsorship opportunities.

Dubailand CEO Mohammed Al Habbai said: "We are proud to announce the development of the concept master plan, which demonstrates our commitment to add unique facets to Dubailand in partnership with globally renowned brands. Our efforts will expedite the pace of the project even as other components of Dubailand are fast taking shape."

Tatweer and Six Flags Dubailand also will work together to integrate their expertise to create new concepts across the region, such as Six Flags theme parks, branded restaurants, hotels and retail outlets that will holistically offer unique travel and vacation opportunities for tourists, families and visitors worldwide.

Andrew Schleimer, executive vice-president of strategic development and in-park services for Six Flags, said: "We are very excited about the concept master plan that will facilitate other works to commence. The project will be one of the key additions to the Dubailand destination."