Reem Island piling contract awarded

Tamouh CEO Joe Ong says the bulk of the entire city project on Al Reem Island will be completed by 2011.

A leading Indian engineering and construction company has entered the UAE market after winning a Dh35 million pilling contract for five towers in the City of Lights development on Reem Island.

Navayuga Engineering Company (NEC), a subsidiary of Navayuga Group, yesterday started its work on plot number 13 for Tamouh Properties.

The City of Lights is being developed on 1.1 acres of land on the island off Abu Dhabi with Tamouh as the master planner. The plot 13 project comprises five towers with a podium, a single basement and a car park.

The ground-breaking ceremony was attended by a number of senior Tamouh and NEC officials. Tamouh is developing 36 towers worth Dh12.6 billion in the city.

"There will be 63 waterfront towers in total," said Tamouh CEO Joe Ong. "The bulk of the entire city project is expected to be completed in 2011, though some of it will be finished a bit later."

NEC General Manager Anthony David said: "The piling work on this block will be completed within four months. We are already negotiating for another contract with Tamouh for plot five, which is bigger."

NEC, which entered Qatar in 2006, is targeting a turnover of Dh800m by the end of 2009. It plans to expand its operations further next year.

"With Abu Dhabi as our growth platform in the region we look forward to expanding to Dubai and Oman by mid-2009. We are fifth in the UAE in terms of equipment and we plan to be second by the end of this year."

The firm's machinery includes 22 heavy-duty rigs, 18 cranes and eight hammers.

David said the company, which is currently focused on piling and foundation work in the UAE, is looking to expand its business activities in the region.

"We want to diversify our business to include other areas such as flyovers, underpasses, metro and marine works," he said. "The region has potential for these infrastructure projects – particularly seaport developments where NEC has expertise and experience."