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Hong Kong’s Maison heads Downtown



Maison Limited, a Hong Kong-based boutique developer, has signed a deal with Limitless, the real estate arm of Dubai World, to purchase four plots in phase four of Downtown Jebel Ali.

“We believe Dubai offers the ideal platform to globally launch the Maison Limited real estate brand,” revealed Managing Director Shaya Shamszadeh.

“Progressive foreign ownership laws, a buoyant economy and the UAE Government’s drive to create a forward-thinking, cosmopolitan centre of finance, business and culture will ensure the continued success and development of Dubai on the world stage.”

The company will officially launch a residential project in the third quarter.

Capitalising on its platform of global business experience across a wide variety of industries, Maison intends to source local and international best-practice partners for its signature developments’ architecture, design, construction, branding and marketing.

“Our strength lies in the conceptualisation and management of our project brand, which after launching in Dubai we aim to emulate with similar developments in other dynamic cities,” Shamszadeh said.

The company’s success is spread across a variety of industries, including private real estate development, fashion, lifestyle products, retail and distribution.

“For us, bridging the gap between creating high-end lifestyle experiences and signature boutique residential properties was not a wide leap of the imagination,” said Shamszadeh.

“It is our aim to holistically approach the concept of creating a boutique residence in the heart of new Dubai, offering residents access to five-star services and tailored retail experiences. State-of-the-art amenities, well-conceived living spaces, a healthy living environment and attention to detail will set us apart.”

Downtown Jebel Ali, which is master developed by Limitless, is one of the largest development projects in Dubai, with a projected built up area of 70 million square feet, with an estimated value of around $12 billion (Dh44bn). It is a 200-hectare, mixed-use urban community under way along an 11km stretch of Sheikh Zayed Road.

“Downtown Jebel Ali has received an overwhelming response from investors, who share Limitless’ vision for creating sustainable, balanced communities,” said Saeed Ahmed Saeed, Chief Executive of Limitless.