Dutch warship disarms 12 more pirates

Dutch warship disarms 12 more pirates. (AFP)

The Dutch navy says it has disarmed 12 more pirates off the coast of Somalia after luring them into a foolhardy attack on a warship.

The Netherlands' Defence Ministry says a German patrol plane detected the pirates' position and HNLMS Tromp was dispatched to the spot as part of an EU mission.

Two pirate skiffs sped toward it, apparently thinking the Tromp was a commercial vessel.

When they realised it was well-armed naval ship they tried to flee, dumping their weapons and boarding ladders.

The warship stopped them from escaping by firing warning shots.

Sailors onboard Tromp destroyed the two fast skiffs and released the pirates with enough food, water and gas to reach shore.

The Tromp has caught 32 pirates in the past week, according to the statement released on Sunday.


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