Second phase of e-link traffic system begins

The second stage is the exchange of data between the two systems. (SUPPLIED)

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Abu Dhabi and Dubai police have embarked upon the second phase of an e-link integrating the online traffic systems of Dubai emirate with the federal traffic system.

This comes after the completion of phase one of the integration of the two interfaces, which encompassed the exchange of data on registered vehicles and traffic offences, said Ahmed Hashim Bahrozyan, Chief Executive Officer of RTA's Licensing Agency. He added that phase two is set for completion by July.

"The agency has started the implementation of phase two in conjunction with Abu Dhabi Police and Dubai Police, which comprises three successive stages. In the first stage the federal traffic system services in the emirate were gradually activated starting from the middle of March at selected centres," said Bahrozyan.

He said all the centres would be increased steadily according to the time schedule envisaged for the e-linking process.

"The second stage is the exchange of data between the two systems – a process that will result in creating a large pool of joint federal databases with information about the traffic files of driving licences and vehicles. Stage three, which is the final one, will witness the gradual offering of the traffic services of Dubai emirate in all the other emirates," Bahrozyan added.

Colonel Anwar Al Mulla, Director of the IT Department at Abu Dhabi Police, said: "Through this link-up, we aim to standardise the data in the two systems and make it easily accessible to customers. It also intends to minimise errors in entering the core data, such as those related to vehicle registration, licensing and vehicle registration renewal, besides improving and upgrading the customer services rendered to the highest standards in this regard.

"This link is a testament to the full co-operation between Dubai and the federal system. The process will ultimately upgrade the quality and efficiency of services delivered to customers and play the role of a catalyst in realising the vision of providing safe and smooth transport for all," he added.


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