Official bodies being evaluated


Mystery shoppers have carried out 2,761 visits to official organisations under the Dubai Government Excellence Programme, it was revealed yesterday.

Their task was to evaluate in a scientific manner the performance of government employees and the way they interacted with customers of all nationalities.

The intention was to measure the level of service provided and the ability of the organisations to respond to society's needs.

Mystery shoppers are trained experts who do not reveal their true identities while carrying out visits. They pose as ordinary customers as they evaluate the performance of staff.

The data collected during the past six months concentrated on the interaction of the public with government bodies. Civil servants' efficiency in dealing with customers, the speed at which service was provided, the ease of talking to managers if necessary and the accuracy of the fees charged were all examined.

The evaluation process consisted of two elements – the opinions of customers obtained in exit interviews and the personal assessments of the mystery shoppers during their visits.

Factors examined included the simplicity of procedures, the quality and location of office premises, accessibility, the clarity of signage and the availability of car parking.

Dubai Government is one of the leading authorities in the world to implement this comprehensive assessment method of its services.

The use of mystery shoppers is considered one of the best and most efficient methods of measuring customer satisfaction.