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Pay Per Play is the way to play online ads



Pay Per Play (PPP) audio online advertising has certainly rocked the internet marketing world since its official media blitz began last year. Subscribers to PPP place a small piece of code on their selected web pages.

Every time the pages are opened, a five-second audio advertisement will play, and the owner will receive one credit. Affiliates referring new members will also share in the advertising revenue.
The PPP system is certainly revolutionary, never before has a web page generated revenue simply by attracting visitors.The meteoric rise in popularity of the PPP programme is undeniable, however, becoming the centre of the internet marketing universe does not come without its detractors.

The naysayers are primarily in two camps – once again, an intrusive form of revenue generation is being forced upon the consumer, and they will not put up with it; NetAudioAds stumbled with a similar programme in 2006, and former members involved at that time are expressing concern whether this will just be a repeat performance.
Charles Heflin, the director of marketing for NetAudioAds PPP
advertising marketing campaign, says: “Sceptics believe that audio ads are not viable because people will turn down the volume on their speakers and advertisers will be charged for audio ads that aren’t heard.
“What these sceptics do not understand is the fact that NetAudioAds is five years in the making and extensive studies have been performed to determine that 80 per cent of computer speakers are turned on all the time.

Critics believe that audio advertising is annoying and is not viable because they believe it will drive website visitors away. “They say these things without any proof that this is the case. I agree that audio ads on certain pages of a website, such as checkout pages or sales processes, can be a distraction.
“Fortunately, website owners can choose the individual pages of their site where they want to play audio ads to their visitors.

“If five-second audio advertising was not a viable opportunity for publishers and advertisers then NetAudioAds would not be experiencing explosive growth.

In just three weeks the network grew from 500,000 websites to more than three million, which is estimated to extend the reach of NetAudioAds PPP by more than 100 million audio ad plays per day.”

Regarding the credibility issue, he says: “Some former affiliates of NetAudioAds are desperately trying to discredit NetAudioAds as a viable opportunity by spreading opinion that is not well researched or based on facts.

Some other former affiliates are resorting to libellous activities to discredit NetAudioAds and Pay Per Play.”Another bone of contention voiced is the actual level of involvement of the advertisers in the scheme.
Heflin says: “The launch of PPP is trying to take the internet by storm but it has become evident that many proclaimed smart marketeers have failed to do due diligence before getting behind this one.

So far we have been successful in extending the reach of NetAudioAds from 500,000 websites to over three million. Best of all, affiliates will be the beneficiary of all the residual income produced from PPP advertising placed on these new websites.

The power to earn off of major ad contracts is in the hands of the little guy and is no longer available only to the advertising elite.“That being said, it certainly appears that many potential advertising beneficiaries are not going to ‘wait and see’.
 Like it or not, there is potentially millions of dollars worth of online advertising revenue available beginning February 1, 2008, and those in a position to benefit will most certainly give this careful consideration.”
What Are PPP Online Audio Ads?


The Pay Per Play (PPP) programme is one of the few that pay the website publisher (or owner) for every visitor to their website. This new opportunity should generate increasing website revenue as webmasters look to increase their traffic volume.

In addition, an affiliate programme is available that will pay recurring residual income several levels deep.The concept works as follows: A Pay Per Play member will place an HTML code on each website they choose.

Every time that web page is opened, the visitor will hear a five-second audio advertisement. There will be only one ad per visit.

The information will be flashed to the Pay Per Play host, and the site will earn one credit.