Saadiyat will have Dh700m 'village' to house workers


Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC), Abu Dhabi's tourism developer, will build a "Grade A" accommodation village to house the construction workforce on Saadiyat Island – the 27 square kilometre island offshore the capital.

The Dh700 million Saadiyat Construction Village (SCV) has been master planned by Singapore's Surbana Corporation, which has 45 years of township planning and development experience.

It has been designed to international per capita standards for space, food preparation and laundry facilities. The village will house workers of TDIC contractors employed on Saadiyat Island.

Covering 40 hectares, the site is large enough to house a village for 20,000 workers but with enough room for expansion to accommodate 40,000 if required. "By building this village, TDIC is fulfiling its commitment to ensuring best practice delivery across every element of its operations," said TDIC CEO Lee Tabler.

"The company is also delivering on the promise of respect, which is at the core of the Abu Dhabi brand," He said.

Based on the island's south coast, the beachfront SCV, which will be in extensive landscaped surroundings with ample green space, will feature a cricket pitch, internet cafés, a cinema, table tennis, satellite TV and community notice boards.

The village housing is being erected in five clusters of 4,000 bed accommodation blocks, with the first due for installation in September this year.

Buildings have been designed with significant environmental considerations including the installation of an energy-efficient cooling system.

The master plan envisages seven districts – Cultural District, Saadiyat Marina, Saadiyat Beach, South Beach, Island Lagoons, The Wetlands and Eco-Point. There are plans for luxury hotels, three million square metres of office space and marinas with combined berths for 1,000 boats.