Salam Yiti gets positive eco results

Farhan Faraidooni, Executive Chairman, Sama Dubai.

Sama Dubai, the real estate investment and development arm of Dubai Holding, said yesterday that its Salam Yiti project in Oman has yielded positive results from the studies conducted by Oman-based environmental consultants HMR, and Dubai-based Energy Management Systems (EMS).

HMR, which conducted an environmental impact assessment, confirmed in a recent report that initial dredging works have not had any effect on the local marine environment. As the project progresses, HMR, which has been mandated to monitor the project for mitigating any negative impact on the environment during its construction phase, will monitor and report its environmental implications.

Concurrently, EMS is developing a sustainability review on Salam Yiti, drawing an eco-friendly design, operational guidelines and recommendations for Sama Dubai to review and integrate into the project's development process for reducing its carbon footprint.

Farhan Faraidooni, Executive Chairman, Sama Dubai said: "Sama Dubai is steadfastly committed to building sustainable projects. We have commissioned periodic environmental impact assessments to study the effect of our projects on environment through every phase, from the start to completion.

"Our arrangement with professional environment consultants shows our dedication to ensure Salam Yiti conforms to our formulated environmental policies. Such measures will validate our stature as a socially committed developer pursuing a sound philosophy of sustainability practices."

To restore the damage caused to coral reefs in the Bay of Yiti by Cyclone Gonu in 2007, Sama Dubai will place underwater environmentally sound concrete structures to enhance the coral community and encourage its growth.

Additionally, the three five-star hotels and more than 20 restaurants at Salam Yiti will endorse an action-oriented policy towards local and sustainable food.

The sustainable usage of water will also be exemplified by the golf course, which will remain 'green' mainly through utilising treated waste water for irrigation, implementing rain water capture and planting drought-resistant native vegetation to decrease demand for irrigation water.

Salam Yiti, a $2 billion (Dh7.3bn) project that encompasses an integrated residential resort reinforces Sama Dubai's commitment to set new benchmarks for environmental sustainability and responsibility within the region.