Ad, meda firms push for unified data


Leading advertising and media agencies and television companies are studying ways to create a unified approach to gathering information about viewing patterns.


“We met recently to discuss the need to formalise the data gathering process and avoid depending on conflicting reports provided by the different market research agencies that study TV advertising,” said Joseph Ghossoub, Chairman and World President of the International Advertising Association.


“This has been causing a lot of confusion for many clients in the broadcasting sector. I hope common ground can be reached among leading media owners and advertising agencies along with major market research agencies in the UAE and the region. We have been relying on multiple currencies and it is time to have a unified one.”


The talks followed reports about a lack of consistency in data on television ratings – what viewers watch, when they watch it and why they watch it.


“One market research company presents conclusions based on a selected segment of society that it claims reflect the reality in the market,” said Ghossoub.


“Then another research agency does the same and claims the same, and a third does so too – but each comes up with different findings and conclusions.


“This can affect the credibility of such work – media outlets become confused and do not know what to tell their clients.”


Elie Khouri, Regional Managing Director of Omnicom Media Group, said: “The lack of consistency in understanding viewers’ perceptions toward TV commercials has been a nightmare for advertising agencies, media owners and clients in TV in the region.”


And Edouard Monin, chief executive officer of market research agency IPSOS, said: “The different data obtained by different agencies may be a result of varying methodologies in reaching people and the kinds of question that are asked in the survey.


“The talk about adopting a unified approach is serious, particularly in the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia,” Monin added.