Bus shelters to raise billions in ad revenue



The company behind the installation and management of air-conditioned bus shelters is hoping to collect billions of dirhams in advertising revenue, a senior company official has said.

Right Angle Media has started selling advertising space on some of the hundreds of shelters already installed across Dubai.“It is certainly a promising venture for us,” said CEO Raman Multani.

“Advertising will be our main source of revenue and we hope revenues will reach billions.”

Right Angle Media and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) set up a design, build, operate and transfer joint venture covering more than 1,000 air-conditioned shelters in 2006.

The first phase of the scheme was inaugurated on Monday when 47 of the shelters became operational. The rest will be rolled out by the end of the year.

And Right Angle Media has already been approached by companies wishing to buy advertising space.“Since the launch of the project we have received an enormous response from a large segment of advertisers with requests to reserve advertising spaces on the facades of the shelters once they are fully operational,” said Multani.
The company will sell a variety of advertising space at each shelter to a single buyer. The spaces on sale include the top panel outside, which is illuminated, an internal panel, a double-faced free-standing unit and a double-faced passenger panel containing the bus timetable.

Scott Rowe, Director of Business Development, said: “Selling advertising space on bus shelters is not very different from selling space on billboards. We have already sold space on some of the shelters.” Each shelter can hold up to 14 passengers and will provide relief during the hot summer weather.

The shelters were designed locally and combine traditional Arab culture with modern design. The crescent shape gives an Arab flavour while the steel and glass panels reflect modern and progressive Dubai. The parts are made in China, Malaysia and South Korea, while the air-con units are supplied by LG. 

They are assembled at Dubai Investment Park with an average of two being completed per day. Each shelter costs Dh200,000.

“This initiative will make Dubai more attractive to investors as well as people wishing to live and work here since it will make public transport easier,” said Essa Al Dosari, CEO of the RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

“The RTA is also increasing its bus fleet in an effort to encourage the use of public transport to reduce traffic congestion in Dubai.”

Plans to introduce bus lanes were at the design stage, added Al Dosari.