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China cracks two ‘terrorist’ groups targeting Games


China has cracked two East Turkestan "terrorist" groups that were aiming to target the Olympics, detaining 45 suspects and seizing explosives and firearms, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security said on Thursday.

Uighur militants have been agitating to establish an independent East Turkestan in China's predominantly Muslim northwestern region of Xinjiang.

The group was plotting attacks on tourist hotels in Beijing and Shanghai, government buildings and military installations, spokesman Wu Heping told a news conference.

"At the end of last year an overseas East Turkestan terrorist group issued an order requesting its members to enter the country to be ready to launch terrorist attacks at the Beijing Olympics," the spokesman said.

"At the same time it asked them to closely observe hotels that receive foreigners, government buildings and military bases," the spokesman said.

The group also asked members to do trial runs using poisoned meat, poison gas and remote control explosive devices. (Reuters)