Dubai to host global summit on innovation


Dubai will host the 2008 World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2008 WSIE) between April 1-3, 2008. ‘Innovation as the key instrument for global competitiveness and peace’ is the mantra of summit.

“The future of the Arab World belongs to the present majority of the youth population under 20 years of age. This Summit seeks to challenge the status quo, dispute facts and figures, and urge world leaders to commit to solutions that empower young Arab leaders with the knowledge, the resources and the policy environment needed for their successful future,” said Sam Hamdan, Chairman and Chief Strategist of the Global Leadership Team and Architect of WSIE.

“Dubai offers an ideal model for economic cooperation, cultural diversity and policy innovation. Arab leadership across all parts of society must be inspired by the Dubai experience and collaborate to provide the economic, social and policy foundations that provide hope for all youth, women and aspiring entrepreneurs.”
“The Arab World presents remarkable opportunities ahead, but we are confident in the social and spiritual qualities of the new generation of leaders bound by their commitment to invent and co-exist,” said Hamdan. “If we can invent together, we can live together,” he added.

The event will be held under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, President of the Executive Council of Dubai and Chairman of Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment For Young Business Leaders, under the theme - Our Future.

The 2008 WSIE will offer an inside look into the foresight, make-up, and actions of leading chief executives, policy makers and innovators through 25 innovation theatres and workshops that explore themes ranging from urbanism, to investment, to science, to health, to tourism, to trade, to education, to internet, to media, to environment and to society.

“The Arab world has immense potential to become one of the most competitive regions in the world; and innovation will be the key to harnessing its latent creative energies, talents and financial resources to drive success, achievements and recognition on the global platform,” said Nasser Al Shaikh, Chairman, Amlak Finance.

The 2008 WSIE urges Arabs to use their past achievements in mathematics, medicine, commerce and science-- as their new way of life to awaken a culture of collaborative innovation and to invent new solutions to solve the most pressing issues facing the Arab society today. (Wam)