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Eco-advertising is gaining popularity in the region


Eco-advertising is set to become a growing trend in the UAE and across the region, said an expert.

“Companies are starting to include messages on saving the environment in their advertising campaigns,” said Lewis Blackwell, group creative director of photo agency Getty Images based in the United States.

“Spending on eco-advertising will increase since consumers have more awareness about the need to protect the environment in this part of the world. Companies will be using green messages more in their advertising campaigns in the UAE and elsewhere in the Middle East.

“Advertising agencies and clients are looking for entertaining ways – not an educational approach – to address consumers’ concerns about the environment.”

Blackwell hailed Abu Dhabi’s advertising campaign for its green development project Masdar City.

“That campaign received a lot of attention worldwide. I got to know about it and about the message behind it during my recent travels.” But some industry insiders believe the move towards eco-advertising is happening too slowly.

Joseph Ghossoub, Chairman and World President of the International Advertising Association (IAA), said: “There have been several initiatives where companies have addressed environmental issues in their advertising campaigns for end users and we fully support that.

“The challenge is that this is a new trend in the region. It is moving in the right direction – but it is moving slowly.” Blackwell and Ghossoub were speaking at Dubai Lynx 2008, the emirate’s first international advertising festival.

The three-day event, which ended yesterday, was organised in association with the IAA’s UAE Chapter and with the support of Dubai Media City.

It included seminars, workshops, photography exhibitions and screenings for media and advertising professionals from the UAE and the region.