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Get your very own private paradise



For someone looking for paradise close to Dubai so they do not have to spend endless hours flying to their haven, a little island in
Seychelles could be just the place.

The Seychelles – made up of 115 tropical islands – is situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean, and is only four hours from Dubai.

The country has recently opened up its offshore investment and real estate development departments to attract foreign investors.

And already royalty, leaders and influential people from the Middle East are said to have snapped up secluded properties there. And developers such as IFA from Kuwait have invested in their own properties there, too.

What makes things even better is the fact that Seychelles, which is known as the safest and quietest paradise in the African and Asian continents, is serviced by direct flights from all the major capitals in the Middle East including Dubai, Kuwait, and Doha.

So your little hideaway will never be out of your reach.

Basem Abu Dagga, director, sales and marketing Engel & Volkers, one of Europe’s leading real estate companies, told Emirates Business: “The island that is up for sale right now is called the Round Island. This 17-hectare island has been priced at Dh291 million and it comes with a 97-year-lease.”

The price is inclusive of the four private villas on the island. Each villa has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and the island comes with amenities such as a swimming pool, view deck, patios, private beaches, restaurant, pool and beach bars, golf carts, helipad, speed boats, diving and water sport equipment, fitness gym, spa and separate employee accommodations. Abu Dagga said: “The Dh291 million that we are asking for includes everything that is on that island, including the four gorgeous villas, the restaurant, etc.”

Each villa has been constructed using state-of-the-art ceramic and wood fusion techniques.

The beautiful layout and design of the villas is complemented by the intricate mixture of marble floors and special mahogany wood.

Each of the luxurious bathrooms are fitted with jacuzzis and all the villas are fully air-conditioned.

There is room service, laundry service, baby-sitting service and even a masseur thrown in for good measure. The four villas that are carefully hidden in the lush greenery of the island for sake of privacy have breath-taking views overlooking the bay and neighbouring Praslin – the second largest island in Seychelles.

However, island living does not mean that your business interests will be hurt as this island is one of the only private islands that has an immediate supply of electricity and water reaching it from Praslin.

So you will have access to the internet, telecommunication facilities and satellite channels.

Most people opt for island living for the sake of the serenity and natural beauty that only an island can provide – and Round Island will not disappoint.

Abu Dagga said: “Seychelles is an archipelago of exceptional beauty. Imagine atolls in the middle of turquoise blue lagoons, beaches of fine and immaculate white sand covered with sculpted granite rocks that are millions of years old. The islands are lined with palm trees and protected by kaleidoscopic coral reefs, large fragrant gardens and myriads of birds twirling around on an azure backdrop.

Nature is at its best when seen from a magnificent Bird’s Eye View Point on the highest spot on the island. There is easy transportation via golf carts on this island, with comfortable walkways everywhere.” One of the secrets of this magnificent island is the beautiful year-round tropical weather which ranges from a comfortable 15 to 30 degrees centigrade.

And Round island is very well protected from winds and waves as it is situated in the middle between four larger islands.

But as in every piece of real estate, the most important factor is location. And you will be glad to know this private paradise is located just 20 minutes away from the capital Mahe by air and one hour by speedboat.

It is just minutes away from Praslin with immediate access to all amenities, including restaurants, hospitals, schools and shops and also for island touring and hopping if you can be dragged away from your private paradise.