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Al Nahda-Beirut Road interchange project to be opened next month



The new bridge under construction in the Al Nahda – Beirut Road Interchange Project will be opened next month, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced.

Maitha bint Adai, CEO of RTA Roads & Traffic Agency, said work on the Dh290 million project, for which construction started in February 2007, is 65 per cent complete. The bridge, which along with a tunnel is central to the project, is 86 per cent complete, she said, while 25 per cent of the tunnel is done.

The project includes upgrading the northern part of the Airport Tunnel, extending from Al Quds – Beirut Road Intersection to Al Nahda – Beirut Intersection, into a freeway. "Al Nahda – Beirut intersection will also be transformed from a light signal-controlled intersection into a grade-separated interchange through constructing a flyover at Al Nahda Road as well as the tunnel at Beirut Road. This project will ease congestion on these two roads and ensure traffic flows smoothly on Beirut Road, particularly to and from the Airport Tunnel," said Adai.

She said the RTA is following up on the construction of a series of projects to improve and upgrade the road network in Dubai through Roads and Traffic Agency.

"Forty-six projects are currently under construction as part of the RTA's plan for eliminating traffic congestion that has increased through a rise in property developments, investment projects as well as population growth in the emirate.

"The projects will enhance our drive to realise the vision of RTA to provide safe and smooth transport to all," Adai said.