Federal government initiatives commended

Sheikh Khalifa lauds efforts made by the federal government to deliver welfare to citizens, maintain the nation's prosperity and stability and ensure decent living conditions for the coming generations. (SUPPLIED)

President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi, has lauded the achievements made by the federal government and the initiatives and programmes it launched and implemented in all walks of life between 2006 and 2009.

In a statement after receiving a new report, 4 Years of Achievements, from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the President appreciated efforts made by the federal government for upgrading performance so as to deliver welfare to citizens, maintain prosperity and stability of the nation and provide decent living conditions to the next generations.

He affirmed that what had been achieved highlights the spirit of persistence, clarity of vision and sound planning. These achievements, he indicated, were a fruit of the comprehensive strategy adopted by the government as a framework and benchmark for its policies and programmes.

The President paid special tribute to the federal government for its policy on socio-economic development and expansion of the umbrella of services to far-flung areas.

"These efforts deepen the government's commitment towards human beings, the most precious of our assets," he added.

Sheikh Khalifa noted that the scientific method the federal government adopted in planning and execution of its programmes had been very instrumental in reaching this high standard of performance and remarkable achievements.

The President also referred to the revered standing the UAE has achieved at the international level and the success of its dynamic diplomacy in attracting broad international support for the country's bid to host the seat of the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) in Abu Dhabi and sealing of a series of co-operation agreements on peaceful use of nuclear energy.

"This achievement forms a qualitative progress in the UAE's foreign relations, strengthens its network of interests with the world and contributes to national efforts to conserve a clean environment," he said.

Sheikh Khalifa also highlighted the progress made in the security and defence systems in terms of armament, preparedness, tactics and systems. Such a development, he said, would further entrench the security and stability "our country is enjoying" and contribute to creating an encouraging climate that maintains the UAE's prominent standing regionally and internationally.

Speaking about the labour market, he indicated the government's efforts towards labour market stability serve the state's interest locally and abroad. The government's persistent drive to rectify the imbalance in the demographic structure, one of the major national concerns, has also drawn praise from the President.

The President paid tribute to Sheikh Mohammed for his initiative of presenting the report of his government's achievements over the past four years. This move, he stressed, underpins the government's commitment to transparency and clarity and confirms a healthy interaction between government action and aspirations of the citizens.

Praising teamwork of the government, the President urged the ministers to go ahead with the same collective and collaborative spirit in the coming period and expressed his confidence in the government's ability to pursue the drive of giving and achieve more gains for the benefit of the country and its citizens.

The book, 4 Years of Achievements, documents the achievements of the federal government from 2006 until 2009 under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed.

Highlighting the most important achievements, programmes and initiatives, the contents of the new book are organised and presented to allow readers to understand the role of the government, its major services and accomplishments.

The book comprises seven chapters and focuses on significant sectors. In addition, it has a chapter highlighting the most important health and economic issues the government dealt with during the past four years.

In the book's preface, Sheikh Mohammed has highlighted the importance of achieving the national development programme's objectives of empowering and enhancing the UAE and its people, and reaching the highest levels of prosperity and development.


- Federal Law No1 of 2006 on e-transactions and e-trade

- Federal Law No2 of 2006 on combating IT crimes

- Federal Decree No8 on UN Convention against Corruption

- Cabinet Resolution No3 on rules for the classification of the general budget of the union and the unified structure of accounts

- Establishment of Ministry of Environment and Water

- Launch of UAE award for science, arts and literature

- Federal Law No9 of 2006 on the population register and identity card

- Cabinet Resolution No18 on the re-formulation of the committee to study and review the organisational structures of federal government bodies

- Federal Decree on the UAE's joining the Cape Town agreement and aircraft protocol

- Cabinet Resolution on the establishment of the social labour fund

- Federal Law No20 of 2006 on the amendment to Federal Law No1 of 2002 on the regulation and control of radioactive materials

- Federal Law No48 on equal treatment of berthing and ports with Italy

- Federal Law No24 of 2006 on consumer protection

- Federal Law No53 on dual taxation agreement and prevention of financial evasion of income tax and capital with Malta

- Federal Law No54 on dual taxation and prevention of financial evasion on income tax and capital with Spain

- Federal Law No57 on the judicial co-operation agreement, extradition and civil, commercial and civil status issues with Morocco

- Federal Law No94 on joining the agreement on the establishment of the Islamic and international establishment for trade finance

- Federal Law No74 on the UAE joining of the international agreement on the prevention of pollution caused by ships

- Federal Law No95 on the UAE joining international agreements on international land transport

- Cabinet Resolution No52 on the National Transport Authority


- Cabinet Resolution No2 on the establishment of the higher committee for consumer protection

- Cabinet Resolution No4 on allowing GCC nationals to practise economic activities and professions in the UAE

- Du, the second telecommunication provider, launched

- Federal Law No15 on the launch of Khalifa International Award to encourage the cultivation of date palms in the world

- The strategy of the UAE announced

- Federal Law No40 on mutual investment encouragement and protection agreement with Azerbaijan

- Federal Law No35 on the UAE joining the UN Convention against Transnational Organised Crime

- Federal Law No36 on UAE joining Organisation of Islamic Conference treaty on combating international terrorism

- Federal Decree No52 on the unified trademarks law of GCC member states

- Cabinet Resolution No26 on the adoption of the guide on food imports through GCC outlets

- Federal Decree No69 on legal assistance in civil and trade issues with Tajikistan

- Federal Law Decree No4 on the establishment of UAE Investment Authority

- Federal Decree No8 on dual taxation and prevention of financial evasion with Seychelles

- Federal Decree No97 on the endorsement of framework agreement with India to develop industrial relations

- Federal Law No6 on the establishment of the Insurance Authority


- Pay rise of 70 per cent for federal bodies' workers approved

- Resolution to increase Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme's budget to Dh1.2 billion from Dh460 million

- Ministerial Council's Resolution No13 on the establishment of the Ministerial Council for Services

- Government Communications Office established

- Cabinet Resolution No11 of 2008 on the organisational structure of Ministry of Energy

- Launch of UAE Government Leaders Programme

- Provision of 40,000 houses for nationals through Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

- Government issues state general policy document for the development of the UAE peaceful nuclear energy programme

- Launch of first edition of the draft study of secret shopper and customer satisfaction

- Federal Decree No33 on the endorsement of the agreement with Uzbekistan to encourage and protect investments

- Cabinet Resolution No17 on setting up permanent committee for port and airport security

- Education e-support project launched by Ministry of Public Works

- Launch of Ministry of Labour complaint system

- Human resources law issued

- Federal Decree No73 on the co-operation agreement with France to develop peaceful uses of nuclear energy

- Wage protection office set up

- Adaa programme launched

- Federal Decree No77 on the UAE joining the Arab agreement to organise passenger transport

- Federal Decree No78 on the endorsement of the transport co-operation agreement with France

- Federal Law No6 on the establishment of a national council for tourism and archaeology

- Federal Law No7 on National Centre for Documentation and Research

- Cabinet Resolution No39 on the establishment of a council for co-ordination of government financial policies


- Bilateral agreement on peaceful nuclear co-operation signed with the US

- Launch of the Prime Minister's website

- Launch of federal government official spokesman system

- Establishment of Emirates Competitiveness Council

- Law No9 on the establishment of the National Statistics Centre

- Launch of Cabinet website

- Gift from the President to develop the infrastructure of the Northern Emirates

- UAE chosen as headquarters of Irena

- Launch of programme to develop government services

- Launch of Khalifa Government Excellence Programme

- Launch of government communication strategy of the federal government

- Federal Law Decree on the establishment of the Union Railways Company

- Federal Decree No1 on the amendment of the provisions of the trade law that reduces the minimum capital of public joint stock companies

- Establishment of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation

- Federal council for population structure formed

- Launch of second edition of the draft study of the secret shopper and customer satisfaction

- Cabinet Resolution on the establishment of UAE Water and Electricity Council

Khalifa among top 10 world leaders

President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler of Abu Dhabi, has been named among the top 10 leaders to watch in Europe and Asia in 2010, according to Knight Frank and Citi Private Bank report.

Other leaders to watch in the list include Chinese Premier Wen Jiabo, US President Barack Obama, Democratic Party of Japan Secretary-General Ichiro Ozawa, Britain's Conservative Party leader David Cameron, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, former Iranian president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Russian Prime Minister and former president Vladimir Putin, and European Union Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olii Rehn.

The chapters

Chapter 1: Social Development

It reviews the most important achievements in the social development sector. It covers pre-university education, higher education and scientific research, healthcare, population and manpower, social development and care, culture, youth and community development.

Chapter 2: Economic Development

It tackles the most important features of government work in economic development from 2006 until the end of 2009. It covers the UAE economy's performance, diversification of the national economy, organisation of the economic sector and development of the banking sector.

Chapter 3: Foreign Policy

It reviews the most important features of the foreign policy that boosts diplomacy and international co-operation. The chapter focuses on the selection of the UAE as the headquarters of Irena and the country's development of its peaceful nuclear programme.

Chapter 4: Development of Government


It reviews the most important general policies in the government work sector such as strategic planning activities, development of services, follow-up of performance, support for government staff and communication initiatives.

Chapter 5: Security, Justice and Safety

It reviews the programmes of the UAE government and its initiatives for security, justice and safety, focusing on three major sectors: judicial system, national emergency system, security and crime combating.

Chapter 6: Infrastructure

It tackles the infrastructure sector and reviews important government projects and initiatives in roads and transport, housing, environment, water and electricity and telecoms.

Chapter 7: Development of Remote Areas

It has three main themes: development of infrastructure of those areas, improvement of living conditions and development of human resources.


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