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New Dh200 note will be issued

A new version of the Dh200 bank note with new security features will go into circulation on Tuesday, the Central Bank said.

A new combination of colours, with the main one being orange instead of the brown, will be introduced.

A stripe with the national emblem and the value of the note has been added to the right-hand side of the front and a coffee pot and the value under the watermark. The watermark is in the form of a falcon's head on the left-hand side of the front and the right hand-side of the back and is visible when the note is viewed against direct light.

A vertical silver security thread appears on the back with UAE 200 printed on it. When the note is exposed to light the thread is seen as a dark continuous one with "UAE 200" appearing as light text.

Additional security elements can be seen only under ultraviolet light.