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'UAE nuclear energy will sustain economic boom'


The reasons behind the UAE's wish to establish a nuclear power industry have been spelled out by Dr Abdullah Al Amiri, Chairman of Dubai Quality Group's Emirates Energy Award.

"The UAE's decision to develop a nuclear energy programme for peaceful purposes is appropriate for many reasons," he said. "It will cater to the requirements of the country's economic boom and will make optimal use of the country's surplus petrodollar liquidity in a large-scale infrastructure project.

"It will contain the growing consumption rate in the country, which is driven by development projects and, finally, nuclear plants are known to be a reliable means of meeting the base load requirements of any grid.

"The world is eagerly waiting for the production of nuclear energy through fission or fusion. This will address concerns resulting from energy shortages."

He said double-digit growth in energy consumption had led to a global trend towards using alternative energy resources. This applied particularly to nuclear power, which reduced the huge expense of constructing conventional energy plants, kept the environment clean and forestalled the harmful effects of global warming.

Energy and water consumption in the UAE exceeded all forecasts last year, inceasing by 17 per cent compared with the seven per cent target set by the Federal Water Electricity Authority (Fewa).

The authority has singled out the property boom gripping the country as the main cause for the increase. A nationwide growth in the realty sector of 20 per cent triggered a huge rise in energy consumption. (Wam)