Workforce survey in capital

The study will provide a database on the workforce. (MAGDY ISKANDER)


A workforce survey is being conducted across Abu Dhabi by the statistics section of the emirate's Department of Planning and Economy (DPE).

"The study will provide an integrated database about the workforce and labour market as well as statistics about unemployment and domestic labour," said Butti Al Qubaisi, the section's assistant undersecretary.

"The survey – the first of its kind in the emirate – is in line with the DPE's role in providing databases and statistics about different economic and social sectors. This helps to realise economic and social development goals.

"It will determine the size of the workforce and its geographical distribution and the participation in economic activities of different social groups. Employment rates and unemployment among UAE nationals will also be assessed.

"Updated information will be obtained about those unable to work or not interested in obtaining a job. The survey will also provide data about salary levels and the hours worked in different occupations.

"The results will help officials to draw up policies that will create more opportunities for graduates and the unemployed and match the number of graduates to the needs of the labour market," said Al Qubaisi.

Information about families will be gathered and used in the development of official policies and education, training and social affairs programmes.

Al Qubaisi said an agreement had been reached with the Ministry of Economy and Dubai's Statistics Centre to establish uniform methods for gathering data.

Section director Abu Baker Al Amoudi said updated information was needed as the data gathered in the 2005 census had become obsolete because of population changes.

"The survey team has trained researchers to conduct the survey and after the fieldwork is completed the results will be processed and scrutinised.

"I call on families and others to co-operate with the researchers by giving accurate information," he said.

The researchers – who carry identity cards issued by the DPE – will continue to gather information until June 30.