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No clouds, just a silver lining


If you have to fly to London anytime soon and are getting panic attacks thinking about precious time wasted in long queues at the airport, then you will do well to fly by Silverjet.

That’s  because you won’t have to deal with long queues at  the airport as you will be flying out of the Executive Terminal in Dubai and landing at a private terminal in near London.
Martin Bridger, Customer Experience Director, Silverjet, told Emirates Business: “We are the only commercial carrier in the world to use the 5,000 square foot Executive Terminal in Dubai for arrivals and departures.
And our exclusive private terminal in Luton makes a make a big difference for travellers, by providing the ultimate comfort and luxury and saving them time.
“At our exclusive Silver Lounges in Newark, Luton and Dubai, passengers don’t have to wade through queues of people and baggage.

“As these lounges are dedicated for Silverjet customers, passengers can complete their flight preparation, relax and then proceed through fast track security.”

The Silver Lounge at the Executive Terminal in Dubai offers a continental style breakfast, bathrooms to freshen up, and absolutely no queues – ensuring a completely stress-free experience.

When the flight is ready for boarding, customers are invited downstairs to go through the Executive Terminal’s security channel and then bussed a short distance to the aircraft.

There is a small duty-free shop in the Executive Terminal where you can pick up last-minute knick-knacks – there’s also a prayer room.

Bridger said: “One of the aspects that people notice immediately is that you can check-in at the Silver Lounge just 30 minutes before departure if you only have hand baggage, and 45 minutes if you have bags to check in.

“Once you arrive, check-in is done seat-side while you relax in the lounge – no check-in desks or queues at all. Passengers don’t have to battle through security to board either. We let them know when it’s time to board, so they can just stroll through our fast track security channel and on to the aircraft.

“Our exclusive Silver Lounges at all airports enable passengers to relax and freshen up before and after the flight. “Our lounges are dedicated to Silverjet customers, ensuring space and an exceptional level of comfort.

We offer high-quality refreshments, a wide range of news and various media and complimentary WiFi. We’re also taking the lead in providing a relaxing journey before and after the flight, by offering chauffeur drive at all our airports.”
What about the in-flight facilities?
In the end, it is this aspect that will decide whether you spend the six to eight hours in the air enjoying the experience or regretting it.
Bridger had this to say: “One of our main objectives is to become the global market leader in the exclusively business class long-haul flights sector, and achieving this requires a real focus on luxury in every part of the Silverjet experience.
Each of our aircrafts offers 100 business class flat beds, with individual food service, personal in-flight entertainment systems and a separate toilet for women. 
“Take airline food, for example. Our on-board menu is designed exclusively by Le Caprice, the legendary London restaurant, which ensures you will enjoy great food, unlike that offered by any airline you’ve flown with before.

“In terms of relaxation, sleep is our real priority on our overnight flights. We provide space for guests to drift off in our six foot three inch flat beds, with no announcements, no overhead lights and no cabin noise to disturb them. All seats are equipped with laptop power, built-in reading light, space to spread out and even a seat-back massager.

“We’ve also put a lot of effort into the in-flight on-demand entertainment system. There is a wide selection of latest movie releases, the best television and a collection of music videos and CDs.

“With noise reduction headphones and a high-definition screen, you can enjoy your own choice of entertainment whenever you like.

“Perhaps the biggest differentiator is the quality of our personalised flight staff – with a ratio of one dedicated crew member for every 10 passengers, who provides the right level of service and support throughout the flight.”