Plan to cut production cost of dairy and juice


A pilot project has been launched in the UAE in collaboration with the Gulf Organisation for Industrial Consultations to look for ways to cut production costs of dairy products and fruit juices, the minister of economy has announced.

Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri said an expert panel will work with the Gulf Organisation for Industrial Consultations and conduct field visits to several dairy and juice factories to assess their operations and identify ways to reduce costs of production without compromising on quality.

He said the move is both to promote industrial development and a reaction to the rising prices of everyday goods. “The Ministry of Economy works to develop the industrial sector in the UAE by bringing in best local and international expertise. We are working with the Gulf Organisation for Industrial Consultations on a pilot project to assess ways of cutting the cost of production of dairy products and juices. We hope to expand the scope of this project to include all factories in the UAE. The purpose is to boost the price-control efforts without affecting the quality of products,” he added.

Ahmad Khalil Al Mutawa, secretary-general of the Gulf Organisation for Industrial Consultations, said: “The organisation is focused on elevating the standards of Gulf industries. Through the pilot project, which is part of the Industrial Consultations Programme, we will conduct field visits to dairy and juices factories in the UAE to assess operations and provide cost reduction solutions while enhancing their competitive advantage.”

Ahmad Al Tijani, chairman of the UAE Dairy and Juices Association, hailed the initiative launched by the ministry to promote the industrial sector and offered the association’s support to these efforts.

The Gulf Organisation for Industrial Consultations was established in 1976 as a knowledge hub and industrial investment promotion catalyst for industrial diversification and development within the GCC countries. The organisation targets developing industries in the region and assists them to meet international standards by providing the public and private industrial and business sectors with a total set of specialised research, information, consultancy, training and technical services.