Police baton-charge pro-Tibet protesters in Nepal


Police in Nepal's capital Kathmandu on Sunday baton-charged protesters -- most of them Tibetans -- outside a Chinese embassy office, detaining more than 100 people, police and witnesses said.

A few of the demonstrators were injured, police said.

Police baton-charged small groups of protesters before dragging them into waiting vans as they tried to protest outside the office, which is separate from the main Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, witnesses said.

"We want the Chinese administration to let journalists enter Tibet and stop violence against Tibetans," Tenzing, a 28-year-old monk, told AFP as he waved the flag of the Tibetan government in-exile before being taken away by police.

Police officer Surendra Rai told AFP: "We have detained some 113 Tibetan protesters. A few who were injured are getting treatment."

"We will release all those detained this evening," Rai added.

Kathmandu has seen almost daily protests since protests against China's rule of Tibet began in the region's capital Lhasa on March 10.

Nepal's government officially recognises Beijing's "One China" policy that sees Tibet as an integral part of the country.

Nepal is home to at least 20,000 Tibetan exiles.

Around 2,500 Tibetans come across the Himalayas annually as refugees and most travel on to the home of their exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, in northern India. (AFP)