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Sample the Royal treatment



If you are always pressed for time and often have to fly around the world at a moment's notice but you’re not in the market for a private jet just yet, then Royal Jet could be the answer.


Royal Jet is the region’s premier luxury carrier that operates the world’s largest Boeing Business Jet fleet – ready to fly you where you want, when you want and any way you want.


Royal Jet clients have the advantage of designing their own schedule and destination, as well as their preferred means of transport to and from the airport, their in-flight entertainment and amenities, onboard catering, and even the language of the cabin crew.


It is no wonder then that Royal Jet has won so many awards – the WTA’s World’s Leading Private Jet Charter and the Business Jet Provider of the Year, to name two.


The President and CEO of Royal Jet, Shane O’Hare, revealed the secret behind the airline’s excellent service. “Royal Jet’s pedigree originates from the Amiri flight, the official carrier of the UAE’s Royal Family. As a result of this noble heritage we have acquired the experience to deal with privileged customers and have implemented the same exacting standards of service, security, safety, professionalism and warmth; as well as flexibility, responsiveness, absolute discretion and customisation.


“Our in-flight catering ensures every individual taste is catered to with tailor-made menus. And we have an attentive, yet unobtrusive on-board service, which aims to anticipate our passengers’ needs.


“We also design travel solutions around the hectic business schedules of our customers. In short, we carry our clients to their desired destinations to their specifications, when they want and in the manner they want.”


Royal Jet aircraft can be reconfigured to suit clients’ needs within two-and-a-half hours of confirming availability and will then be ready for take-off.


Three of the five Royal Jet Boeing Business Jets [BBJs] of which Royal Jet has the largest worldwide fleet feature a private bedroom with en-suite bathroom.


“The jets can be arranged in multiple configurations to carry between 36 and 52 passengers, including the option of having a private bedroom aboard, a conference/dining area, and a living area in the most common layouts,” Shane O’Hare said.


However, Royal Jet is looking to take its services to an even higher plane and is upgrading three of its five BBJs.


Shane O’Hare said: “Our BBJs are undergoing a planned programme of refurbishments with a number of upgrades being made over the coming months. For operational reasons it would, of course, not be possible to refurbish all the BBJs at one time.”


Three of the five BBJs that have bedrooms on board will be upgraded with the installation of luxury showers in the adjoining bathrooms. Subtle floor lighting will be added around the base of the wash areas to give a more luxurious feel.


Each of the five BBJs will have a different configuration as requirements vary from client to client. For some, privacy is of paramount concern, whilst others might wish to hold board meetings, or enjoy formal dining facilities. So the plan is to offer different layouts to cater for all needs.


Also planned is a completely new entertainment and communications system. Live satellite TV feeds will be made available; high speed internet access via satellite will be on tap; the latest in GSM mobile phone technology will allow customers to use their own mobile phones in roaming mode, giving them greater privacy than has ever been available before; a high-end entertainment system will provide DVD-quality movies and computer games; and onboard cameras will allow customers to monitor the outside of the aircraft as well as enjoying a captain’s eye vista of the ground below.


But what are the facilities provided on the ground?


Luxurious VIP lounges offer total comfort and exclusivity, there is an dedicated hostess, porter and valet service apart from separate immigration, customs and baggage handling. A hotel booking service is also available with preferential rates, limousine service with direct access to the aircraft ramp for royalty and heads of state.


Shane O’Hare said: “All Royal Jet passengers enjoy private check in facilities making it convenient and easy for them to board their flights. Typically it takes about 10 minutes to check in and board the aircraft.”


It is no wonder then that royalty, diplomats, film stars and rock groups from all over the world take advantage of Royal Jet’s excellent standard of service.


Services are now available in Africa, China, India, North America and Europe. Keep this in mind next time you have to fly off in a rush.