Second Mozambique cyclone in a month causes more death and destruction

Mozambique's northeast Nampula province needs $8 million (Dh29.3m) to rebuild five districts devastated this month by a cyclone which killed 12 people in the region, an official said on Wednesday.

About 30 people died while nearly 90,000 others were displaced throughout the country when Cyclone Jokwe ripped through the southern African country earlier this month.

"An assessment made by the Nampula provincial government indicates that $8m will be needed to repair and rebuild infrastructure destroyed by the cyclone," national disaster management director Joao Ribeiro told AFP.

The cyclone, which tore down electric pylons, buildings and trees, was propelled by packed winds of up to 100 kph when it hit northern Mozambique.

Officials from the government and donor agencies were still evaluating the extent of damage done by the cyclone in the central Zambezia province, he said.

"The report on the damage done to the Zambezia province will be out by the beginning of April," Ribeiro said.

Six people were killed while tens of others were injured, some of them seriously, in the same province.

The government has not fully rebuilt the resort town of Vilankulo, which was destroyed by another cyclone in February last year despite receiving $1m it had requested.

Some government infrastructure yet to be rebuilt are hospitals, schools and offices. (AFP)