UAE-Turkey to sign customs agreement



The UAE and Turkey will in a few days time sign a customs agreement, according to the Federal Customs Authority.

Director-General Mohammed Khalifa bin Fahad Al Muhairi (pictured above) on Wednesday said the authority has finalised talks with the Turkish Customs Administration on technical and administrative co-operation between the two countries, except for one item, which they agreed to finalise within a month.

Al Muhairi said a meeting in Turkey succeeded in finalising agreements on the items.

He said the deal is based on the fact that customs violations harm economic, trade, financial, social and cultural interests of both the countries.

Al Muhairi said the two sides agreed that efforts to stop violations and accurate sharing of information could be made more useful through technical and administrative co-operation between the two sides. He said customs authorities in the UAE and Turkey are aware that the growing problem of illegal drugs trade poses a danger to society.

He said the two sides sought to co-ordinate exchange of information on customs shipments.

Al Muhairi said the agreement provides for exchange of all information that can help enforce legislations, especially with regard to guaranteeing accurate assessment of customs fees as well as the value of goods.

Al Muhairi said the agreement also stipulates that the customs administration of either country shall seek to supply the other with copies of shipping documents.

Each administration shall supply the other side with information whether the imported goods were illegally exported.