Woman 'forged passport for fake cards'

Credit card crime is common eb file photo for illustrative purpose. (SUPPLIED)

Dubai Criminal Court heard the case of a Chinese woman accused of forging a passport by putting a resident entry stamp of Dubai International Airport.

YM (a visitor) used the passport to obtain eight credit cards, which she used to buy things worth Dh6,215.

In yesterday's session, the defendant confessed to other charges but denied that she had forged the passport.

The court postponed the case to May 2.

Saleswoman Iman bint Basheer said the Chinese woman had purchased two leather wallets and a hand bag for Dh6,215.

The first and second credit cards failed to work but the third one worked, she said.

Dubai policeman Salem Ibrahim testified that he received a call from the outlet's security man and went to the site where he arrested the defendant who confessed to acquiring eight fake credit cards.

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