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Also showing in the cinema

Indiana Jones 4: Harrison Ford revives his role as the fedora-clad crusader in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He is joined by Shia LaBeouf playing Mutt Williams, a young gun who asks Indy to locate a missing friend last seen wandering in the jungles of Peru, searching for the lost Crystal Skull of Akator. But the Russians are also in on the chase.

Miss Pettigrew lives for a day: Frances McDormand stars as a frumpy governess Guinevere Pettigrew who is hired as a social secretary by the giddy actress Delysia Lafosse (Amy Adams). Taking her duties seriously, Miss Pettigrew attempts to navigate Delysia's love life.

King of California: Miranda (Evan Rachel Wood) has been living alone since her mother ran off and her father, Charlie (Michael Douglas), entered a mental institution. However, Charlie returns home to take Miranda on a treasure hunt to the local Costco supermarket.

La'bet Al Hob (Arabic): Layla (Hind Sabri) is devastated when her boyfriend leaves her. As she picks up the pieces of her shattered life, she meets Isam (Khaled Abu El Naga), a married man who is running from a troubled past. Layla and Isam forge a strong bond, but their happiness is short-lived when he walks out on her. Will Layla survive this trauma?

Outlaw: The story of a group of people who form a modern-day outlaw posse to right what they see as society's wrongs. Stars Sean Bean and Danny Dyer.