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Heads up, it's the future

Not so long ago, it looked like the Futureheads were a thing of the past.

Formed in 2000, thisfour-piece post-punk revival band from Sunderland in the United Kingdom were dropped by Warner after a disappointing second album, News and Tributes.

At the time, it looked like all that their particular future held was a downward spiral. But this self-financed third record, This Is Not The World, sees them right back in form. Kicking off with terrific lead single The Beginning of the Twist – already a top 20 hit in the UK – it is a fast and furious, back-to-basics punk-pop record that retools the spirit of their self-titled debut to 2008 specs.

True, there is not much in the way of light and shade, but with great songs such as Radio Heart and Broke Up the Time up their sleeves, they finally possess songs as instant as their legendary cover of Kate Bush's Hounds of Love.

Clearly, being in charge of their own musical destinies suits them.