Love triangle that loses the plot

Deshmukh, left, Takia and Shivdasani star in this hackneyed movie that makes no sense. (SUPPLIED)

Director E Niwas showed a lot of potential when he directed Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega (2001), even though the film didn't set the box-office ablaze. Now seven years later, Niwas gives his latest, De Taali (literally translating into Come Clap), the same treatment as its predecessor. Either he wasn't thinking creatively or he simply wasn't thinking at all.

De Taali explores the relationship between three friends – Abhishek (Aftab Shivdasani), Paglu (Ritiesh Deshmukh) and Amrita (Ayesha Takia). While Abhishek loves the idea of being in love, Paglu spends his time hatching harebrained ideas. Amrita completes this triangle by choosing to be the voice of reason.

However, Amrita's reasoning fails her when she denies her growing attraction to Abhishek – well, at least until Paglu points out the obvious. Just as the duo decide to break the news to the unsuspecting Abhishek, he turns up with the love of his life, Kartika (Rimi Sen).

Paglu then hatches a plan to break-up the happy couple – and discovers Kartika seems to have a shady past. Then he decides to kidnap her, but strangely entertains her every demand. And while this nonsense unfolds at one end, Amrita and Abhishek have fallen in love, only to break up two scenes later as Kartika escapes her loony kidnapper and makes a dramatic comeback.

But hold off the confusion for a while because there are many more skeletons that will pop out of the closets, leaving you scratching your head. Best suggestion: skip the movie and keep your sanity intact.