Labour market seminar held

Labour market seminar held. (REUTERS)

The Economic Policy and Research Centre (EPRC), an operational arm of the Dubai Economic Council (DEC), recently organised a one-day research seminar.

Dr Tarek Coury, senior researcher and lecturer at the Dubai School of Government, presented a research paper on the effects to economic growth of an ever increasing demand for low skilled workers in resource rich economies, such as the UAE.

Alongside research members from the EPRC, the seminar was attended by high ranking policy makers from the Ministry of Labour, the Dubai Statistics Centre and leading researchers from Zayed University in Dubai.

The DEC's Secretariat-General emphasised the importance of promoting similar events as a part of DEC's strategic plan and said such events were key to opening dialogues between economic researchers and policy makers in Dubai.

The Secretariat-General also emphasised the importance of discussing existing Federal immigration and labour market policies in the light the UAE's desired move towards economic growth fuelled by innovation and technology.


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