You spin me right round like a record



First we brought you the USB Cassette Deck, which converted all your tunes from yesteryear into neat MP3 files on your Mac or PC. Now the USB gadget geniuses have returned with every music fan and DJ’s dream: the USB Turntable.

That’s right vinyl lovers, thanks to this little beauty, you can convert all your LPs and 12”s and transfer them straight into your digital library. All you have to do is plug it into your computer’s USB port, run the idiot-proof software and start converting your collection of musical gems. There are no fiddly cables or special  software that is difficult to understand – it sticks to its promise to make  life easier.

Plus, the USB Turntable also features adjustable gain, anti-skating control and high-speed vinyl recording functions, and has ports that allow you to connect it to any home stereo system. You can play your records out loud when you don’t feel like converting them –  a neat gadget for outdoor camping trips and parties.

Now you can dig out all your dad’s records that are languishing in his basement – although you may want to keep stuff like Kylie and Jason’s Especially For You where it belongs.

Meanwhile, if you’re an iPod freak, you can purchase the slightly-higher-in-price USB Turntable that comes with an iPod dock. With this system, you can transfer vinyl directly onto your iPod without a PC, via the integrated iPod dock. Smart huh?


The USB Turntable. From £79.95 (Dh581).