Centre for special children launched

A centre designed to assist the development of children – the first-of-its-kind in the Middle East – was launched yesterday by the Community Development Authority (CDA).

The Dubai Early Childhood Development Centre (DECDC) will provide comprehensive family-focused, community-based services to children (from zero to six years) with special needs or at risk of developmental delays, and their families.

The initiative came about after a study of best-practice early intervention programmes around the world.

"The launch of the centre complements our strategy to strengthen social development in an integrated manner," said Khaled Al Kamda, Director General of the CDA. "We plan to launch similar initiatives in the future to provide high-quality services by applying best practices based on scientific grounds to achieve the maximum results and benefits."

The services provided by the centre will include initial and diagnostic assessment to ensure early intervention, parent and community training sessions, counselling and consultancy in addition to community screening.

A team of professionals will provide services in the fields of speech and language therapy and physical, occupational and psychology therapies.


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