Give an exquisite facelift to your cabin

The fine silk-like finish on this Ceccotti chair was achieved by hours of hand smoothing. (SUPPLIED)

If you are fed up of all the clutter in your office and if you're looking to give your cabin a facelift and thinking of going in for the modern, minimalistic chick look then be sure to check out the latest offering from Ceccotti Collezioni.

Led by world-renowned Italian designer Franco Ceccotti, the 50-year-old furniture company from Tuscany, has made a name for itself by producing modern, minimalistic furniture with clean lines and by inventing mechanisms non-existent in the market.

All their furniture is handcrafted and each piece is made after painstaking research and thought, as it is considered a work of art, a labour of love.

Some of the pieces in can take as long as two years to create from the time of conceptualisation.

The latest offering from the prestigious Ceccotti Collezioni atelier is the Manta collection, designed by a young French designer called Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, in collaboration with Franco Ceccotti.

The Manta collection consists of an executive desk and chair crafted out of American Walnut and leather by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance and is priced at around cool Dh300,000. It is a limited and exclusive edition and only 20 pieces will ever be made.

The fine silk like finish on it is achieved by hours of hand smoothing. The Manta collection took two long years to come into existence and even though it is simple to look at it is the most complicated and difficult work to come out of the Frank Ceccotti studio till date.

Another reason why the Ceccotti furniture is so sought after and highly priced is because if a part of the furniture is curved or bent, it has not been forced into that shape. It has actually been cut in that shape, requiring tonnes of material for each piece to be made.

The designer, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, who collaborated with Franco Ceccotti to make the Manta collection, studied sculpture at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Arts and, later on, furniture making at the National Decorative Arts School of Paris.

Taking inspiration from his adoptive region, Brittany, where the sea and the sky blend into one, Noé began developing designs combining wood with a formal style of the executive desk following in renowned Italian designer and architect Carlo Mollino's footsteps and in a spirit of a revival of Art Nouveau. He discovered Ceccotti in 1996, after completing his studies on the design named Manta.

In that year, Ceccotti presented his co-operation with Ross Lovegrove, Christophe Pillet and of course with Roberto Lazzeroni.

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance said: "I was immediately impressed by the elegance and exemplariness of Ceccotti's work, which combines a great know-how, typical of this Italian region, Tuscany, with formal modernity."

The Ceccotti Collezioni is only available through select dealers worldwide. However, if people in the UAE want to own a Ceccotti creation then Khalid Al Shamsi, managing director of Designers Hub, a high-end furniture showroom in Dubai, can help them source it.

Khalid Al Shamsi, who himself owns the Manta set told Emirates Business: "My passion is to collect rare and distinctive furniture, each of which has a story behind it, from across the world.

"Every piece is a work of art as each designer has put his talent, passion and drive into the creation. The Manta is just one of my exclusive collections and I adore it."