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Take music to the max



If you are a music lover who will give anything to listen to music the way the artist meant it to be heard, then the Linn Klimax DS digital stream player is for you.

Amir Anwar, co-owner of Dubai Audio Centre, the sole distributors of Linn products in Dubai, told Emirates Business: "It can play CD-quality music better than any CD player on the market. Klimax DS achieves this because it has no moving parts, no CD mechanism to generate vibration, noise, heat or electromagnetic interference, all of which harm the delicate audio signal. The result is the lowest distortion, greatest clarity and precision of any digital music player.

"Klimax DS can even play better than CD-quality digital music, up to 24 bits and 192 kHz natively, with no down-conversion.

"Klimax DS owners can download the original studio master downloads from www.linnrecords.com at 24 bits and hear the music as the artist intended in the recording studio."

But this kind of performance from the Klimax DS is hardly surprising as it has an impressive lineage. The Sondek LP12 turntable, the oldest hi-fi product still in production anywhere in the world, was made by Linn. The Sondek LP12 is still the benchmark by which all turntables are judged.

Linn then set out to make other components in the hi-fi chain, setting new standards for performance with each new product.

This is in line with the thinking of the founder of Linn, Ivor Tiefenbrun, an avid music lover, who dissatisfied with the quality of hi-fi products, decided to make one himself. One of his philosophies was that if a system is not good enough to change your life, it is probably not worth buying.

Anwar said: "Linn engineers effectively work with no budget for development time or parts on a Klimax product. The one over-riding requirement is that it must set a new global benchmark for sound reproduction in the home. The Klimax DS digital stream player is part of the Linn Klimax System. Linn recommends that you partner the Dh 72,478 Klimax DS with the Dh 50,735 Klimax Kontrol pre-amplifier and Klimax Loudspeakers. The Klimax Loudspeakers start from about Dh188,446 and are available in standard and custom finishes."

"It represents great value for money when you consider that it is built to last a lifetime and you'll get an even better sound from your existing CD collection," said Anwar.

"Also because your music is stored in a separate network storage device, your music is effectively liberated from the vagaries of ever-changing formats. Klimax DS is entirely software upgradable so you won't need to change your player every couple of years.

"It has been designed from the ground up as a music player, whereas all other products on the market come from an IT heritage and run a computer inside them. Every component and every piece of software in the Klimax DS is there to deliver the best sound, and nothing else. This approach guarantees that it delivers the best audio performance for digital music on the market – better than has ever been possible before. And because it is at the front of your music system – a source product – it improves the performance of every downstream product in the chain."

"It is a completely open product, which means that the customer is free to choose whatever third party control and storage solutions they prefer, and can be integrated with any other plug'n'play products on a standard, open ethernet network," said Anwar.

Streaming digital music around the home has many advantages over playing a CD; all your music can be stored centrally on a hard drive on the network at full quality, and accessed from anywhere in the home simultaneously and independently by the whole family; your entire music collection can be catalogued by genre, artist, album, artwork, etc., using a feature-rich user interface, and accessed conveniently and instantly at the touch of a button.

You can create playlists of your favourite music and be a DJ for yourself, family and friends. In short, you listen to more music, at higher quality and have more fun.