UK shifts passport work to Germany

Applications for passports for British nationals will no longer be processed in the UAE from August 1.

"All passport applications from the UAE will be processed and printed centrally in the passport processing centre in Dusseldorf," said a spokesman.

"These changes are being implemented throughout the Gulf in 2010."

"Until that date, one should continue to submit passport applications at the British embassy in Abu Dhabi or Dubai."

The embassy website will be updated to include further instructions on how to submit application to the centre in Dusseldorf.

Anyone planning to travel in the next two to three months is advised to check the website regularly for advice and information.

"These changes are part of a global initiative to streamline and modernise the UK's overseas passport operation," he said.

"The UK remains one of the few countries printing passports in embassies and consulates abroad.

"This is expensive to do and is less secure as we have to transport blank passports around the world.

"Our aim is to reduce the cost of running the operation, while improving security and maintaining a high standard of customer service," it said.

The embassies advise people to submit passport applications four weeks before travelling.


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